Solzaima Trevi 1100

R76 599,00 Including 15% VAT

The Solzaima Trevi 1100 is a large capacity feature fireplace meant to have a commanding presence in any space. The Trevi is efficient, well designed and can be used as a open or closed fireplace. Open for that cozy fire crackling in the background while sipping wine and closed for some serious warming in cold nights. The Trevi is the very definition of panoramic while remaining sleek and clean-lined. The Trevi 1100 has a easy to use lift up door that does away with having to swing a hot door open to refuel as well as a ingenious door releasing system for easy access should you need to clean the inside of the glass. The Trevi 1100 has a impressive convection system that allows for effective heat circulation throughout the home. Turn that built in braai in your living area into an effective elegant feature.


Installation price on request

Terms & Conditions

• Installation required is a standard installation, meaning from position of the fireplace straight upwards through the ceiling and through roof with no obstruction of roof trusses.
• Any additional flue pipes or bends (offsets) required during installation to be added to the final invoice.
• Best position for fireplace to be discussed and agreed upon before the installation.
• Roofing material is quoted as roof tiles. Inside height from floor to ceiling does not exceed 2.6 meter & from ceiling to roof pitch does not exceed 2 meter.
• 12 months waterproofing warranty included. Travel costs covered in installation is Pretoria and Johannesburg, further distances to be discussed and quoted accordingly.
• The quotation and special will be proportionally adjusted for any specifications that varies from the above specifications.
• Installation dates reserved are only confirmed upon receipt of payment.


Invicta Stoves is a French and European wood heating market leader. Established in Donchery in 1924, in the Champagne-Adrenne regino, Invicta relies on high-performance production equipment. Its foundry and its enamelling facilities allow it to offer a wide range of products, and to introduce new innovations each year in terms of design and technology.

The creativity and technological innovations of Invicta perpetuate and renew the world of the foundry. Three hundred and eighteen staff members contribute to the success of Invicta – a combination of expertise and talent.

The cast-iron stoves, hearths, and inserts manufactured by Invicta are labelled “French Origin Guaranteed”. This certification is clear, simple and easily identifiable by the consumer. It guarantees the French origin of the product and promotes the expertise of the Invicta foundry and enameling. Invicta has internally mastered 100% of the manufacturing process: design office, accredited testing laboratory, foundry, enameling, surface treatments, marketing, and distribution.

Technical Specifications

Type: Insert
Material: Steel
Output Range: 573 Cubic Meters
Nominal Output: 13-25KW
Fuel Source: Wood
Outlet Options: Top exit
Outlet Diameter: 250mm
Body size (w x h x d): 1250 x 1050 x 525mm


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