Parkray Consort 15

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Are you looking for a stove that can manage the demands of an extended family? The family-sized Consort 15 heats every inch of the largest room – whether it’s packed with aunts and children, or just you stealing a moment of peace. And there’s nothing quite like a real fire to make your house a home.

However hard it’s working, the Consort 15 is kinder to the environment thanks to our unique ‘Cleanburn’ system. So you can enjoy an old-fashioned family get-together, the modern way.



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Invicta Stoves is a French and European wood heating market leader. Established in Donchery in 1924, in the Champagne-Adrenne regino, Invicta relies on high-performance production equipment. Its foundry and its enamelling facilities allow it to offer a wide range of products, and to introduce new innovations each year in terms of design and technology.

The creativity and technological innovations of Invicta perpetuate and renew the world of the foundry. Three hundred and eighteen staff members contribute to the success of Invicta – a combination of expertise and talent.

The cast-iron stoves, hearths, and inserts manufactured by Invicta are labelled “French Origin Guaranteed”. This certification is clear, simple and easily identifiable by the consumer. It guarantees the French origin of the product and promotes the expertise of the Invicta foundry and enameling. Invicta has internally mastered 100% of the manufacturing process: design office, accredited testing laboratory, foundry, enameling, surface treatments, marketing, and distribution.

Technical Specifications

Type: Freestanding
Material: Steel
Heating capacity: 450 Cubic Meters
Nominal Output: 8-15Kw
Fuel Source: Wood / Coal / Anthracite
Outlet Options: Top and rear exit
Outlet Diameter: 152mm
Body size (w x h x d): 703 x 658 x 513mm



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