Dovre Astroline 3 CB Wood Burn on Pedastal

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The Astroline series is the “first” modern line within the Dovre quality stoves. The Astro design was and still is innovative and contemporary, without compromising on functionality.

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Dovre quality is more than just an advertising slogan!

The quality of Dovre appliances has been proved by objective tests. The products meet the strictest safety, performance and emission standards. They are tested and certified by independent laboratories in Belgium, Germany, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands.

Technical Specifications

Type: Freestanding
Material: Cast Iron
Heating capacity: 224 Cubic Meters
Nominal Output: 8-10 KW
Fuel Source: Wood
Outlet Options: Top and rear exit
Outlet Diameter: 136mm
Body size (w x h x d): 515 x 1140 x 430mm





















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