Bosca Limit 380

R26 999,00 Including 15% VAT

Simplicity is key with the Bosca Limit 380 Closed Combustion Fireplaces. Modern geometric design, the Bosca Limit is the ideal edition to effectively heat your home.
Equipped with space to store wood in the bottom cavity and ideal to use to dry wood in that space whilst your fireplace is in use.


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Why are our wood fires so successful? In a word – Design. Our wood burning technology has evolved and progressed over the last 40 years to the point that our combustion efficiency is now world-leading.

But our design philosophy is that a wood fire should also look good and really add to the room that it sits within, so we go to great lengths to ensure that our products are truly modern. We believe styling should not compromise efficiency; efficiency should not compromise performance and performance should not compromise affordability.

That is why our log burners are renowned for their clean burn, high efficiency ratings, low emission levels and sleek, sophisticated European styling.

Technical Specifications

Type: Freestanding
Material: Steel
Heating capacity:  90 – 180Square meters
Fuel Source: Wood
Outlet Options: Top exit
Outlet Diameter: 150mm
Dimensions (W x D x H): 44 x 49x 84cm












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