Andiron 14kW Cast Iron Fireplace

R18 999,00 Including 15% VAT

Part of our built-in cast iron fireplace range, our Megamaster Andiron 14kW Cast Iron Fireplace will add value to your home for keeps. It is effective in heating rooms ranging between 112-140m² in size. Built with a closed combustion system, the Andiron 14kW Cast Iron Fireplace heats up much hotter than a conventional open fireplace. Heat generated inside is locked in and will burn at higher temperatures with the door closed. For optimal heat, ensure that the room is well insulated. Your fireplace will emit heat long after the fire has died through the cast iron material it is made of, and the flue pipe. Can be installed with a top flue pipe that is sold separately.

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At Megamaster, we understand that the warmth of the flames is really the warmth of human connection. And that the more we kindle it, the brighter it burns.

Established in 1997, Megamaster is the new largest supplier of lifestyle cooking and heating products to the Southern African market, with an expanded market presence in Europe. Megamaster exists as part of a partnership of expertise and resources to bring the best quality and value to our customers and consumers around the world. Gathering the best the world has to offer under one brand, our manufacturing factories are situated at Pretoria and Panyu.

Because value-adding products are supplied directly at the source in China and South Africa, we can provide our partners and retailers with a competitive advantage in the market.

Technical Specifications

Type: Wood (Do not use anthracite)

Dimensions: 71 cm (L) x 42.5 cm (W) x 68 cm (H)

Weight: 110 kg

Flue Size: 180 mm stainless steel installation kit (not included)

Heat Output: 14 kW

Area Coverage: 112 – 140 m²

Barcode: 6009897133604

Warranty: 5 Years unit, 1 year on parts, no warranty on the glass.

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