Megamaster Kuna Built-in Fireplace

R8 499,00 Including 15% VAT

Simple and easy to use, the Megamaster Kuna 700 Built-in Fireplaceis the perfect unit for making the warmth of togetherness even better! With its simplistic yet modern design, the Kuna will not only heat up your space, but it will also look great doing so. Includes a basket grate and ash pan for easy cleaning.

Installation price on request

Terms & Conditions

• Installation required is a standard installation, meaning from position of the fireplace straight upwards through the ceiling and through roof with no obstruction of roof trusses.
• Any additional flue pipes or bends (offsets) required during installation to be added to the final invoice.
• Best position for fireplace to be discussed and agreed upon before the installation.
• Roofing material is quoted as roof tiles. Inside height from floor to ceiling does not exceed 2.6 meter & from ceiling to roof pitch does not exceed 2 meter.
• 12 months waterproofing warranty included. Travel costs covered in installation is Pretoria and Johannesburg, further distances to be discussed and quoted accordingly.
• The quotation and special will be proportionally adjusted for any specifications that varies from the above specifications.
• Installation dates reserved are only confirmed upon receipt of payment.


At Megamaster, we understand that the warmth of the flames is really the warmth of human connection. And that the more we kindle it, the brighter it burns.

Established in 1997, Megamaster is the new largest supplier of lifestyle cooking and heating products to the Southern African market, with an expanded market presence in Europe. Megamaster exists as part of a partnership of expertise and resources to bring the best quality and value to our customers and consumers around the world. Gathering the best the world has to offer under one brand, our manufacturing factories are situated at Pretoria and Panyu.

Because value-adding products are supplied directly at the source in China and South Africa, we can provide our partners and retailers with a competitive advantage in the market.

Type: Wood and Charcoal

Dimensions: 71 cm (L) x 44.5 cm (W) x 68 cm (H) – Excluding flue gather

Area coverage: 33 – 43 m2

Flue size: 230 mm x 300 mm

Material: Mild Steel

Weight: 61 kg

Barcode: 6009888395585

Warranty: 5 Years

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