Infinity fireplaces is proudly South African and based on top quality European Research and Development.

The Infiniti range of superior gas and wood fires is the result of extensive research around South African consumer requirements in home heating. A group of fireplace industry specialists believed that a truly South African fireplace product, embodying the best of local and international design and using the best quality raw material available, was possible. The result, a modern looking range of wood and gas fires that are at the forefront of technology, have striking looks and some of the most efficient combustion systems in the world. Our units are highly advanced in their environmental friendliness, maximising the heat from both gas and wood being burnt, whilst giving very little in the way of emissions into the atmosphere.


A full vermiculite jacket inside the fire. This insulating material raises the combustion temperature inside the fire to in excess of 950°C. At these temperatures the wood burns highly efficiently sending very little emissions into the atmosphere. The high temperature combustion sends about 70% of the heat of the fire out through the door glass as an infrared light wave.

This enables the heat to travel long distances across the room and keeps the heat down where you want it, particularly important in open plan/double volume spaces. A long, slow burn time so that the fire can comfortably burn through the night or whilst we are out during the day.

We have found that with a full load of good quality wood, the 8 kW stove can burn at slow pace for up to 12 hours and the 13 kW stove up to 15 hours. Feats currently unheard of on any wood.

The units all have rear heat deflector plates, enabling them to be installed 150mm off plaster walls. A snug fit for best look.


Infiniti’s wood stoves are available as inserts. Using the same tried and trusted fireboxes as the freestanding units, these models are designed to be built into brickwork to give you that ‘swish’ look. They are manufactured with a built-in convection system. This funnels air around the outside of the hot firebox, bringing it back into the room as hot air. This increases the efficiency of the unit to just below that of the freestanding unit.

They are ideal for those existing homes that have a brick chimney as well as for new homes/renovations where chimneys are to be built. With the same high temperature combustion and long burn times of the freestanding units, these inserts are capable of heating large areas of home. Available as standard with a 40mm black frame. Available in the following versions:

Unit Heat (kW) Heat (m3)

Single Sided Insert


8kW 320
10kW 400
13kW 520
15kW 600
Double Sided Insert 14kW 560
15kW 600


These Infiniti Inserts are designed to convert existing built-in Jetmaster 700D and 700 Double Sided Universals to high efficiency wood stoves; capable of economically heating large areas. By using a cutting torch to cut away the internal parts of the existing Universal, you are able to slide our insert into the external remains of the Universal.

Our steel frame covers up to the external dimensions of the existing Universal frame to give a tidy fit. This means our insert can be completely installed in less than a day without any damage or re-work to the walls around the existing Universal. This saves a lot of dust and disruption to the room as well as minimising the costs of changing to our powerful insert. Available in the following versions:

Unit Heat (kW) Heat (m3) Converts
Infinity Single Sided 10kW 400 Universal 700D
Infinity Double Sided 14kW 560 700 Double Sided
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